Simplest Way to Clean an Oven.

8 Steps

  1. First, fill up the sink with hot soapy water. Take off all the knobs, inside brackets, and any stove top burners. Start letting them soak.
  2. Next, remove all the loose debris. Anything lying on top or inside the oven sweep into the trash bin carefully.
  3. From there, you have the following choices for product application. Either the green method or the chemical method. You are going to apply the product to your oven and let it sit.

    Cleaning a dirty oven.
    A dirty oven.

The green method uses baking soda. Baking soda does an amazing job. The main drawback to it, is that it doesn’t come in an aerosol can be easily sprayed. Here’s the lowdown. You are mixing baking soda and water to make a paste that you want to spread over the oven or spray with water and sprinkle the baking soda. Make sure you have those extra dirty areas covered well. Let it sit. At least two hours, but some say letting it sit overnight is key.

The other method, buy a chemical oven spray. I have found the cheap oven cleaners work just as well as the pricier ones. I have also found these chemicals are serious; make sure to wear gloves when cleaning and try not to inhale. Spray the oven cleaner on and let it sit 1 – 2 hours.

Half of the dirty oven is covered in baking soda.
Baking soda applied to the oven.
  1. Transition over to scrubbing the racks. Once you’re oven racks and other pieces have sat in the soapy bath for a bit. Go ahead and start scrubbing and rinsing them off. We recommend a metal sponge. Set the pieces off to the side.
  2. Time to remove the product (baking soda or oven cleaner). With a sponge start scrubbing the oven. I keep a bucket of water next to me and will rinse it off, time to time, as I go.
  3. Wipe down. Wet a rag and wipe everything.

    An oven that has a dirty side and a clean side. The clean half has been cleaned with a green cleaner, baking soda. Remarkable results.
    The right side has been cleaned with baking soda!
  4. Finish strong. Spray multipurpose cleaner and wipe down to get a polished clean/ disinfected oven.
  5. Finally, replace knobs and racks.  As a result, enjoy your new sparkling oven!

    A clean oven. After cleaning with both a chemical solvent and baking soda.
    A fully cleaned oven except for a smudge between the panes of glass!

Additional tips:

  • If I used a chemical spray, I will turn on the oven to a high degree to burn off any remaining residue for safety.
  • Have paper towels, rags, trash can, and sink cleared before you get going. Start prepared for an easier time.
  • A plastic scraper can be a nice tool to have around.
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