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Questions about our housekeeping service?

Getting Started

Nope, we got you covered.

Absolutely, at no additional cost. Make sure to check mark that option upon scheduling.

No, but we do need directions on how to get into your home.

We service all of Denver metro area. Generally, we serve a 20 mile radius around Denver. Please contact us if you have any questions.

There is an estimated duration after selecting your options on the checkout page. This will give you a general time frame to plan around and is based around one cleaner. We plan on getting a quality job done by walking through each task specified on the cleaning list, but we don’t work by the hour so you may find we get the cleaning done sooner or later.

Because you don’t pay by the hour, that makes sure that you don’t have to worry about cleaners running the clock or running out of time and leaving tasks uncleaned. You pay for quality!

Things that affect cleaning time can be the layout of the house and the frequency you have professional cleaners come. Additionally, in order to remain efficient with scheduling our maids you may have 1-3 maids cleaning your home, this can also greatly change the cleaning time.



Family Room and Dining Room

__Dust tables, end tables, lamps and shades

__Wipe window sills

__Clean track of front door

__Wipe door handles and light switches with disinfectant

__Vacuum and Mop the wood/tile floors


__Moderately scrub tub/shower and surrounding tile and creases

__ Scrub toilets, and base of toilets

__Scrub sinks, and surrounding counters thoroughly

__Windex mirrors and glass surfaces

__Door handles and light switches with disinfectant

__Vacuum and mop the floors

__Empty trash

All Bedrooms

__Vacuum floors, especially corners

__Wipe window sills

__Wipe all surfaces

__Wipe door handles and light switches with disinfectant

__Empty trash


__Wipe all surfaces

__Clean outside of stove and fridge

__Clean burners, oven knobs

__Clean outside and inside of microwave

__Wipe down cabinets and trash can

__Dust surfaces of shelves

__Wipe window sill

__Clean Sink and clean cracks where sink meets the wall

__Vacuum and Mop the floors

__Empty trash

Laundry Room

__Wipe down surfaces visible surfaces

__Vacuum and Mop the floors

__Empty trash


__Dust picture frames

__Vacuum and Mop the floors

First and foremost, the process is simple and leaves you with windows that make you remember why it is so nice to have a crystal clear view. Windows come in all shapes and sizes and on different stories of houses, right? Right. Because of this we can’t guarantee the online or quoted price, but the website does an excellent job in giving you the ballpark area.

How window cleaning works with us?

  •  You estimate the number of windows you want cleaned and schedule us. We will follow up to get more information about your windows.  We then provide you with a more accurate quote and discuss scheduling at the next most convenient time.
  • Things that can affect the window quote price: Do you want any doors or garage windows cleaned, have extra high or large windows, post construction, and the style of window, such as, french pane.
  • We use a partner company to clean your windows who has many years of experience in the Denver area and does an excellent job.
  • Please note windows won’t always be cleaned at the same time as the house cleaning. We contact you for additional schedule arrangement.

What is included?

  • We clean the inside and outside of windows, do a quick wipe down of the track, and clean the screen. When we call you, we are happy to discuss customizing this package.

A unique package designed for homeowners that rent out rooms. Each package is meant for one room/bathroom and is something you can select upon checkout for an additional $11.99. Each package added includes, a local gift (valued at $5), toiletries, bottled water, a change of towels and a change of sheets (when provided clean ones). In addition, a professional note and a piece of chocolate is left so that your guest(s) know you truly care.

I’m confused, do you still clean the house? Yes, we will clean the entire house based on the number rooms and bathrooms you selected. This is an additional extra.

When do people get this done? It depends we have clients that prefer to have us come after the guest has left and we’ll get you prepared for the next guest. Then on the other end, we have clients that want us to come beforehand.


COMING SOON…We took notice that some of you are needing a more commercial operation and use short term rentals as a significant source of revenue. Stay tuned.

Policies & Pricing

We allow you to cancel up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge.  You may also reschedule up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge.

What happens if I need to cancel less than 48 hours of my appointment? We try to find someone else to take your spot.  If we do, you are in luck, there is no penalty. However, if we can’t find someone to take your appointment we penalize you $50.

For all homes cleaned the first time, we charge the full price before applying the frequency discount.  The first clean usually takes longer and is more exhaustive. On the next house cleaning we apply the discount, 30% off weekly, 20% off bi-weekly, and 15% off monthly!

Nope. We wouldn’t be offering a convenient cleaning service if you had to worry about a contract.

Trust & Safety

Of course!  We carry general liability insurance, and are bonded. This protects you and us against the unlikely event of something breaking or employee theft. Click Here

We 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied. We want you to feel like you are getting top notch cleaning and if not contact us. We will send a cleaning team back out to take care of it free of charge within seven days. Please keep in mind to call us within the first 24hrs if dissatisfied.

We first interview our employees. Than we run background checks. From there we do training. We feel confident in letting our employees clean our homes and feel confident you will too.

Note: Our background checks include: federal criminal record checks, state and local criminal record checks, sex offender check, and address check.


Feel free to call us directly or simply complete our form below and we will follow up with you.

  • Call Us: (720) 441-4866
  • Local Business in Denver, Colorado
  • Hours: We are open 7 days a week. M-F 8am - 5pm, Sat-Sun 10am - 4pm.