What your dog drags back in, can actually be healthy! 

Positive microbes, dog running home with ball. Healthy?

If you are like most of us here at White Gloved Maid, we love our furry friends and like to keep them healthy.  Therefore, we walk/run with our pets and allow them to play outdoors. When they come back in, they are none the less, happier and dirtier.  It’s quite worth it for the love they bring, and there’s an additional benefit that could make you more healthy according to one study.

Don’t worry about everything your dog tracks in. Dogs and cats are actually doing you a favor by bringing in with them microbes that potentially help human health according to new research presented by Brooke Borel.

 “People who study the built microbiome hypothesize that more diversity, including microbes from the great outdoors, might be better for human health because they out-compete pathogens that might cause illness.” Brooke Borel, popular science.

How about that! Look at the reference below for the full article if you want to continue learning about this experiment. Now whether or not you find this new research appealing, it can be concluded, that if you take your shoes off not to track dirt in, then remind yourself that your pet does not. What do you think is the healthy choice?




Borel, B. (2014, April 16). Dirty Dog: Do Pets Track Bacteria In Your Home? Retrieved October 13, 2016, from http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/our-modern-plagues/dirty-dog-do-pets-track-bacteria-your-home

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