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What is this Denver based maid service about?

We are a maid service that caters around you. We keep it simple with online quotes, scheduling, and payment. If you are ever not satisfied with our work, call us within 24 hours; we guarantee our work and will come back at no additional cost to make it right.

We operate by these values:

  • Taking pride in what we do. No matter what size of the job, we look to dedicate ourselves to it.
  • Using creative intelligence to solve problems.  Life is not black and white and neither are we, let us know if there is something we can do that is unique for you.
  • Make a meaningful impact in our surroundings. We want to be the positive change in the community outside of leaving a home professionally clean. Holding doors, helping someone in an accident, volunteering time, and as simply as saying a friendly hello to a stranger.